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The Mid-term Election Results Bring Optimism to PEDC Efforts

During the PEDC Statewide Monthly Meeting held on November 15th, PEDC invested partners in attendance, including those from Southwest PA, met in break-out groups to discuss the results of and share their reactions to the mid-term elections in Pennsylvania.

Meeting attendees voiced optimism for the future of PEDC’s Policy Recommendations with the victory of Democratic candidate for governor, Josh Shapiro. It is believed, based on campaign messages, that a Shapiro administration will support efforts to diversify the educator workforce and develop culturally relevant and sustaining educators for PA. Furthering that optimism was the recognition that a shift in the majority in the PA House to Democratic control may generate support in the General Assembly for an expansion of financial resources needed to support current and create new programs for the recruitment and retention of teachers of color. Read here to learn more about the election results and to follow the shifts in political leadership in the PA General Assembly that will take shape over the next few months: Pennsylvania Democrats win majority in state House | 90.5 WESA and Pa. State House: Democrats take control, but it'll be messy to start | 90.5 WESA


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