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Learn more about the benefits of membership in PEDC!

Membership Overview

PEDC’s invested partners are our members and member organizations - people and entities that share our mission and vision and want to actively contribute, through their own work as well as collaboration with PEDC and our members, to achieving PEDC’s common agenda. 

As a PEDC member, you will receive monthly statewide and regional newsletters as well as monthly and statewide meeting calendar invitations. You will have an individual profile in the PEDC Member Directory, be able to submit event announcements and job opportunities for posting on the PEDC Events Calendar and Job Board. You and your work may also be featured in our newsletters or our website.

PEDC members are expected to attend PEDC meetings and events and contribute knowledge, skills, and energy to statewide and/or regional work groups, events, resources, and advocacy efforts. New members are encouraged to attend a New Member Orientation session for an introduction to our community and our work.

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PEDC membership features the opportunity to network with invested partners across the Commonwealth and identify opportunities for furthering our common agenda through discourse, collaboration, and advocacy. 

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You will have the opportunity to engage in events hosted by PEDC and our invested partners that support the sharing and learning of new skills, ideas, resources, and strategies for diversifying the educator workforce and developing culturally responsive and sustaining educators.

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Access to the PEDC 
Member Directory

The PEDC Member Directory is available only to those who register as PEDC members. You will gain the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals committed to our organization’s mission so share your interest in joining today!

Member Directory

Members can access PEDC’s Member Directory here. As members create their profiles, they can indicate which contact information details they would like to be public in the directory.


Create Your Member Profile

If you share a commitment to PEDC’s mission and vision and would like to become a PEDC member, please complete the signup form below to get started.


Note: While logged in, you won't be able to see the registration form. To logout, please go to your account profile and click the Sign Out tab

Membership in the Consortium has grown since November 2019 to include over 350 individuals representing nearly 150 invested partner organizations from across the Commonwealth.

Invested Partner Organizations

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